09-How can we mobilize public opinion to get people to demand climate action and change lifestyle habits and behaviours to reduce carbon emissions?

97% of climate scientists say that the Earth is getting hotter and humans are to blame. Climate change was a thing of past, it’s climate emergency which is what we are experiencing now. In the UK they already declared it, yet in India, at least, large segments of the population continue to think that global warming doesn’t exist.

Indian Government and citizens are still unaware of how floods, extreme rainfall & heatwaves are affecting our lives, and things aren’t good for our future either.

 We can learn a lot from ‘Greta Thunberg’. Greta Thunberg is the one who started an international youth movement against climate change. Her strike has inspired students from around the world, thousands of students from Germany, Japan, the UK, Australia and many more to joined and raising voice to save mother nature.

Here, I am listing down some ways to mobilize people and reduce carbon emission –

Let me explain first of all what carbon footprint is – Our carbon footprint is the estimated amount of carbon dioxide given out as we travel, buy food, heat our homes, and As our population is going exponentially it is a major concern for us because nothing consumes carbon like a human.

1.     Air Travel – Now that everyone can fly, we are avoiding other means of transport, Air travel is the largest component of carbon footprint.  Short flights produce more carbon emissions. Traveling by train is much better, the government must ensure to introduce ‘Bullet Trains’ just like in Japan and China were traveling by train is faster and economical than Air Travel.

2.     Go vegan – At least eat less meat as Cows and sheep emit methane, which is a global warming gas. A vegan diet or less lamb and beef in your diet is might help the environment, we can aware people by telling the benefits of being vegetarian.

3.     Public Transport – Government must provide better and cheaper public transport so that people can rely on and opt for public transport instead of traveling by their vehicle to avoid air and noise pollution. If want to travel by your vehicle, go for an electric vehicle at least more efficient electric vehicle.

4.     Halogen out LED in – LED are much better and brighter instead of using old halogen bulbs, opting for LED bulbs is the easiest way to reduce your carbon emission, In my hometown, Indore, the government provides cheap LED bulbs with a warranty which is appreciable and commendable as people are buying and using it.

5.     Go Solar – Solar panels on the roof is beneficial and economical and it does not create any waste or emissions, it’s a renewable energy source.

 Our population is now crossed seven billion on this planet. Food prices rising, oil is ending, we are facing water scarcity, heatwaves. When our resources end in twenty years, how are we going to survive? #SaveMotherNature.